You would like to expand your IT team? You are looking for freelance software developers to work on your projects or execute sub-projects from their own location? Are you uncertain how to select those developers not being able to conduct a classic “job interviewā€¯ because the potential candidates live and work in different countries?

If you are open to work with virtual teams, we will support you finding and selecting the right candidates. By conducting tailor-made virtual assessments, we help you to find the freelancers to fit best into your team, both professionally and personally. We will guide you throughout the entire process:

  • Definition of the requirements and writing the tender
  • Collecting basic information about potential candidates
  • Preselection of candidates
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of a virtual assessment
  • Feedback sessions
  • Follow-up interviews with the selected candidates
  • Planning and implementation of the onboarding process
  • Consulting in regard to work contracts, invoicing and payment procedures, fees & rates
  • Coaching of your team to ensure the integration of external project members
    Establish/adaptat a suitable development infrastructure
  • Performance evaluation and review of new employees

We work with a large array of tests that are carried out as part of video conferences with interested candidates. Depending on the professional and personal skills that are important to your project, we will script a suitable assessment. Experienced moderators will guide you through the conference and our project managers will assess the results together with you.

We accompany the entire process of conducting qualified feedback interviews with candidates who have not been selected. The use of virtual assessments accelerates the overall process of employee selection. This allows to maintain maximum flexibility in filling project positions quick and with short lead times.

Collaboration in virtual teams is the working model of the future. We ensure that all preparations are done quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our goal: Your success!